Groovin’ in New Fairfield seeks to develop and promote ongoing, regularly scheduled live music programs supported by sponsors, local businesses, grants from charitable organizations and patron donations. It receives no funding from the town.

The Coffee House Committee

  • Jeff Main (President/Soundboard-Man/Stage Crew)
  • Ron Statler (Vice-President/Talent Scout/Stage Crew)
  • Marlene Drygas (Treasure/Director)
  • Sarah Gannon (Committee Member)
  • Elliot Merkle (Board Advisor)
  • Kathy Hull (Senior Center Director/Committee Member)
  • Stacey Cohen (Marketing/Advertising/Stage Crew)
  • Maryanne Simmons (Committee Member)

Our Mission

Groovin’ in New Fairfield is a non-profit, self-funded organization staffed by volunteers whose mission is to “keep the music alive” in New Fairfield and the surrounding areas by offering a variety of venues and music programs. Groovin’ in New Fairfield operates under the New Fairfield Parks and Recreation Commission.


All shows are planned and operated by volunteers from the community however we area always looking for more people to help run the shows. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer send an email and we will get back to you.